Kinds of Goods 3g*50pack, 3g*100pack
Product Description It is made from a high concentrated red ginseng extract (ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1=6mg more, solid content content 65% more), vitamin C and glucose.
It a well water-soluble granule type and convenient to take it easily during modern busy days. While enjoying it daily a lot health improvement comes to you before you knew it.

It is great for the people :
- who needs refreshment during daily busy working hours
- who often take liquor (hepatotonic)
- who needs to enhance immunity
- who is deficient of energy and vigor
How to take Take 3 times per day, on an stomach empty is recommendable for efficacy.
Put 1 or 2 pack in hot or cold water and stir well, and add honey, sugar or sweetener for the taste if desired.
Children under 15 age : 1/2 dosage to adult.
Storage Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine
Self life 24 months from mfg. date