Kinds of Goods 60g*3bottle
Product Description Ingredient : Korean red ginseng root for 6 year old, main roots 70% + fine roots 30%, incl. Rg1+Rb1=5mg/g and other ginsenosides more than 30 kinds.
It is a way that you may take a whole part of Korean red ginseng evenly like the words, "try to eat well-balanced meals", and also various ways; to put into water, mix with milk, add at cooking fish, meat or any healthful menu.

If need to get the efficacy of Korean ginseng detailedly, please refer to "KOREAN GINSENG I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT" (English, Chinese) listed in LITERATURES on this internet site.
If contact us by email address :, "ALL ABOUT KOREAN GINSENG" (62 pages, English, Chinese, Japanese) will be provided.
How to take Take 3 times per day, on an stomach empty is recommendable for efficacy.
Put 1g (1 spoon) in hot or cold water and stir well, and add honey, sugar or sweetener for the taste if desired.
Children under 15 age : 1/2 dosage to adult.
Storage Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine
Self life 24 months from mfg. date