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    天京參”, the unique premium fresh/red ginseng brand of Korea Gyeonggi Government Agricultural Cooperative Federation, is starting the supply through a HK local partners.


    What’s “天京參”? (abb. 天下第一京畿高麗人蔘)


    As it is the product that Korea Gyeonggi-do government administrates itself directly, is with Gyeonggi-do governor’s certification, is certified by the supreme authority of ginseng research institutes of Korea,

    the 4 big ginseng agricultural cooperatives in Gyeonggi-do themselves directly from the cultivating ginseng to producing finished products : Gaesung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative (established 04. 02. 1910), Gimpo Paju Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative (established 10. 07, 1957), Ansung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative (established 10.11.1962), Dongbu Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative (established 17.04.1958).


    Among them, especially, Gaesung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative is the living history of Korean red ginseng from the procuring fresh ginseng to manufacturing red ginseng and processed products

    Saying “Korean Red Ginseng”, everyone recalls KT & G (brand : 正官庄). Year 1910, for marketing and the distribution of ginseng, the Korean government those days committed to 正官庄, and 正官庄 monopolized the whole process.

    Before 1st July 1996 when a new ginseng industry law was enacted, the commitment manufacturing job had been being done through Gaesung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative and the other 3 Gyeonggi Ginseng Cooperatives with some 6,500 ginseng cultivating families under 正官庄.

    Nowadays, especially, since 2003 正官庄 has been privatized and no longer exists as a government monopoly, “天京參” has been emerged as the new alternative for the virtue of the fame and the reliance having been rooted among national people, together with its tradition over 100 years.


    In these modern days, Gaesung ginseng farmers who fled for free into South Korean during Korean War taking the ginseng seeds, sowed and cultivated them in the regions, belonged to latitude of 38 degree north, such as Pocheon (Gaesung Ginseng Agr. Cooperative locates), Gimpo and Paju (Gimpo Paju Ginseng Agr. Cooperative), Ansung (Ansung Ginseng Agr. Cooperative and  Dongbu Ginseng Agr. Cooperative). Those Korean ginsengs, newly rooted in Gyeonggi-do, are inherent of 1,000 years of history of Korean ginseng, and that has the most superior body features among ginsengs produced in Korea, is also the deepest in unique scent of ginseng.

    In addition to them, is the highest in the content of ginsenosides, the clue to decide whether the high yield rate of 6 years of red ginseng or not, so by the reasons Gyeonggi ginseng is very popular. Especially, Gyeonggi Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative was awarded the grand prize for 3 consecutive years from 2010 to 2012 by the minister of Agro-Fishery & Forest of Korean government, and that the quality of “天京參” is recognized among people as the best Ginseng in Korea.


    Although ginseng is being cultivated over the country today by technology advancement,  Pochen, Gimpo, Paju and Ansung occupy as much as 34% of the cultivation land of Korea, Gyeoonggi-do is the most ginseng production district in Korea, as befitted to it, Gyeonggi ginseng has been recently attested its ginsenoside content as at least more 1.7 times higher than the other provinces, thereby Gyeonggi ginseng is also proved scientifically as keeping out the tradition of a thousand years of Goryo ginseng. The reasons have been concluded that air is cool breeze and daily temperature range is big in this region. The saponin of ginseng is, especially, called as ginsenoside, that effect to anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, liver function boost and etc. It is the reason that as the raw material of Gyeonggi red ginseng is the most used for its high ginsenoside content, and also the reason why Gyeonggi-do is spotlighted as the pivotal production region. The up-do-dated new brand of Fresh/Red Ginseng products by the superior quality of the materials is “天京參”.


    Regrettably, for the time being forged red ginseng products, i.e. of shortfall of content, false write year age and grade, have often disturbed the ginseng market. However, “天京參” is, when occurs such the affairs, it acts as a good news to the customer who are looking for a right product. As “天京參” is a provincial government business, Gyeonggi-do government itself administrates all the works and makes certification, the factories being operated by 4 Ginseng Agricultural Cooperatives are equipped with certified ginseng masters to justify 6 years ginseng and all the facilities and machinery necessary for systematic quality control management in R&D center. When storing out to the markets, certificates of Korean government, Gyeonggi-do governor, HALAL and etc. are attached and written the ingredients and content of ginsenosides. “天京參” Ginseng Agricultural Cooperatives. The most remarkable ones by “天京參”, differs from other ginseng manufacturers, are said that the 4 ginseng agricultural cooperatives themselves procure material of ginseng and produce kinds of extract goods not by using alcohol but keeping out the traditional method of extract using water, their finished goods gives a deep original/natural flavor of Korean red ginseng and the taste as well. For the virtue of keeping out the said traditional methods, they could keep out stableness in quality control and, moreover, have made some cost-saving that calls a reasonable prices range.







    As of now “天京參”, targeting Hong Kong and Greater China markets, has taken understanding and cooperation from 4 ginseng agricultural cooperatives, and now plan to distribute the old aged red ginseng roots – having been stored between 6 to 12 years – to the regions.


    What old aged ginseng being reputed among the specialists are rarely seen items has a high worth and the antiquated scent is well-acknowledged. These are the products that only available by some agricultural cooperatives that have long years of history in Korea. What the conditions are mostly related to the aforementioned 4 ginseng agricultural cooperatives, it ought to be a truth, the manufacturers of “天京參”, to see the Korean history.


    Gaesung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative has 103 years of history, Gimpo-Paju Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative 56 years, Gyeonggi Dong-bu 55 years and Ansung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative at least 50 years, and that under them more than 6,500 ginseng famers families are belonged.

    These events of old aged red ginseng are to be supplied from Gaesung Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative and Gimpo-Paju Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative and the quantity of supply shall be very limited.

    Coming the harvest moon holidays and the yearend holidays, it would be better to prepare in advance to express thanks to the families and friends.


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