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     A Story of Hong Kong Island Landing of Cheon Gyeong Sam


    A high Wall of Overseas Market

    The name of Cheon Gyeong Sam (The World-Best Gyeonggi Goryeo Ginseng) traces back to the time when the ginseng in the Goryeo Dynasty was introduced widely to the West through Silk Road by the time of Sung Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty in China. As appears by Goryeo Dynasty as well as Korean old books such as the section of ginseng fields (1797) and the bamboo slips book about ginseng fields (1896) in the Joseon Dynasty, ginseng was cultivated only in regions of Imjin River and Hantan River, which was indicating that these regions had the most suitable condition for the ginseng cultivation in the condition of climate and soil. 


    “Cheon Gyeong Sam” is a brand which combines the big four agricultural associations such as Gimpo Paju, Gaeseong, the eastern Gyeongji and Anseong ginseng for the ginseng to carry on the legacy of Goryeo ginseng for ginseng cultivating farms in Gyeonggi-do which have been in trouble after the privatization of ginseng division of Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation since 2003 and to realize globalization of Gyeonggi ginseng which has the world-best quality. Confirming details by Korean old books such as the section of ginseng fields and the bamboo slips book about ginseng fields in the Joseon Dynasty, there are no older ginseng than Cheon Gyeong Sam. However, as the brand of Cheon Gyeong Sam, the history is not over 10 years.

    Various brands including Cheong-Kwan-Jang already dominate local market in Hong Kong. Because of that, the low brand awareness of Cheon Gyeong Sam has lots of difficulties in going into Hong Kong market. The reason is that Cheong-Kwan-Jang was allowed to be exported only as the name of Goryeo Ginseng of Republic of Korea according to the policy of Korea before the privatization of ginseng division of Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation, and overseas buyers had a stereotype that “Cheong-Kwan-Jang is the only Goryeo Ginseng.” Therefore, Hong Kong aT & Cheon Gyeong Sam needed to break the stereotype from the first.

    Participating exhibitions aggressively, performing marketing & starting export based on buyers’ trust

    Cheon Gyeong Sam could contact leading buyers through participating various exhibitions and online marketing in Hong Kong with Hong Kong aT Branch Service. There is one episode that one of buyers has a father who became very weak recently and the old man received Cheon Gyeong Sam as a present which had an effect on his illness. As a picture is worth a thousand words, the buyer recognized the superiority and marketability after realizing the efficacy of Cheon Gyeong Sam through his father’s case. The buyer is a president of Champion Group who is a very helpful Cheon Gyeong Sam partner in Hong Kong and Guangdong region. This is like a movie story which makes even us recognize the excellence of Goryeo Ginseng even though we are exporting the products.

    A turning point of Cheon Gyeong Sam, “HOFEX in Hong Kong during 7~10 May 2013”

    Meanwhile, Hong Kong aT opened the Korean pavilion at HOFEX, one of the biggest food exhibitions in Hong Kong and Cheon Gyeong Sam participated in it. Champion Group who was on business with us took part in it as a partner and the result was a great success.

    Cheon Gyeong Sam had the most visited booth over 1,900 companies in 48 countries, and the world’s only ginseng beer, Energin brought the booth a great deal of popularity. The bittersweet taste which is unique to ginseng drew positive response from young buyers by being well mixed with the native flavor of beer. The booth displayed raw ginseng as a sample which is very unfamiliar to foreign buyers and caught the public eye by making ginseng fried foods on the spot.

    The foreign buyers couldn’t control their surprise at Korean Goryeo Ginseng which superior in shape and flavor than Panax quinquefolia in the USA and Canada and Panax notoginseng in China. Particularly, the efficacy of Goryeo Ginseng could be confirmed by various components contained in 6 year-old ginseng.

    HOFEX 2013 became an important momentum to advertise Cheon Gyeong Sam to the overseas market and there were many big and small sized buyers in the world who still do business with us. Through the exhibition, we could communicate face to face with buyers and realized that a shortcut to the globalization of Korean foods is overseas exhibitions.


    Cheon Gyeong Sam started with Hong Kong aT and now to the wide world

    The biggest task of Cheon Gyeong Sam is advertising its brand to local customers in the shortest time by overcoming the low brand awareness and making them experience red ginseng of the outstanding quality. One of the solutions for the task is K-Food Party in Hong Kong which was the biggest project of Hong Kong aT. Cheon Gyeong Sam installed a booth at “K-Food Party” opened on the Star Street in Tsim Sha Tsui which are most visited by Hong Kong customers and foreign tourists and performed marketing such as free-sample stand aggressively.

    The line of customers who visited Cheon Gyeong Sam’s booth was never ended under hot and muggy weather and a typhoon warning. Thanks to word-of-mouth, it was well-known for the most popular booth of customers’ hands-on experience event from the first day to the last day.

    Until now, Cheon Gyeong Sam has cooperated organically with relations, sales promotion and PR with local buyers as a local branch of Hong Kong aT. Hong Kong aT also recognized superiority and excellent marketing capability of Cheon Gyeong Sam’s products and supported the participations of K-Food Fair as a global project opened in all over the world. As a result, Cheon Gyeong Sam received a huge help to push into the world market.

    As B2B and B2C, K-Food Fair consists of the structure to meet buyers and general customers at the same time. Taking part in it for three times, Cheon Gyeong Sam could receive feedback about the products from worldwide customers through B2C, and meet practical buyers through B2B.

    Including K-Food Hong Kong Fair, one of the advantages of participating in those fairs is various nationalities of buyers.

    In case of K-Food Hong Kong Fair, it was a good chance to meet buyers from diverse countries in Southeast Asia and China Region. Thanks to three times’ participations in fairs opened in Shanghai, Hanoi as well as Hong Kong Fair, Cheon Gyeong Sam were able to meet buyers from surrounding countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand etc. and was a huge opportunity to customize products and marketing methods for each countries.

    Performing sales promotion to raise brand awareness

    Driving on without a stop, Cheon Gyeong Sam performed broad-scale promotions through Harbor city mall which is the biggest shopping center in Hong Kong and Max Choice, Kai Tai Chinese Medicine which is a franchise specialized in ginseng. aT endeavored to raise Cheon Gyeong Sam brand awareness to local customers in Hong Kong.

    By installing separated booth in the event hall and offering free sampling testing and demonstrations by a promoter, it was not only reconsidering the awareness of Korean red ginseng products but it was also an opportunity to promote the efficacy of Korean red ginseng through chain medicine specialized store which was the first sales promotion event in Hong Kong.

    As soon as starting the sales promotion event, local customers stood in line for tasting Cheon Gyeong Sam in the well-known shopping malls. Focusing on outstanding quality and safety, the event was ended up successfully and inquires for the products were received explosively by local customers. As opening a large scale Korean food product promotion in the Harbor city shopping mall in Hong Kong based on the previous sales promotion event, Cheon Gyeong Sam established a foothold for the entry of the local premium food market as well as items expansion and new market opening by selling main popular products (Red ginseng can, concentrate etc.) and processed products using red ginseng such as the new product, chicken soup with ginseng.

    Creating promising red ginseng brand with the best quality and marketing

    Due to negative awareness of new Goryeo ginseng on account of Cheong-Kwan-Jang and lack of trustworthy overseas partners, the wall of overseas market was much higher than our thought. However, aT did fully understand the efficacy of Goryeo Ginseng, Cheon Gyeong Sam, had pride of the products, and had confidence to sell Cheon Gyeong Sam all over the world in near future certainly.

    Through various overseas exhibitions, Cheon Gyeong Sam became aware of the brightness of the globalization prospects and we could realized an eternal truth once again that customers find good products first by checking out the trust by overseas customers to Gyeonggi province in Korea and customers who showed their purchasing opinion after tasting the products.

    Republic of Korea is the country from which ginseng has originated and Gyeonggi province is the center of Goryeo Ginseng. As an integrated ginseng brand in Gyeonggi province, Cheon Gyeong Sam has achieved recognition by overseas buyers with its quality and traditionality, which empowers ginseng farms in Gyeonggi province.

    Hong Kong aT has achieved the extraordinary result which is USD 9 million contract in Hong Kong market. Hong Kong aT and Gyeonggi Nonghyup Ginseng Joint Agency will keep doing their best with mental attitude to contribute toward citizen of the world by advertising Cheon Gyeong Sam throughout the world and endeavor to raise the brand awareness of Cheon Gyeong Sam to China Region over Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

    |Press Report Details of Cheon Gyeong Sam|


    Tile of News

    Date of Report

    Yonhap News


    Ginseng prestige project in Gyeonggi province – Targeting KRW 5 billion



    The Kiho Ilbo

    Gyeonggi Nonghyup achieved USD 9 million export contract for Cheon Gyeong Sam for 3 years


    Nongmin Newspaper

    Gyeonggi Nonghyup ended up Cheon Gyeong Sam promotion in Hong Kong successfully


    The Kyeongin Ilbo

    Ginseng by Gyeonggi province-Nonghyup cooperation development exported to Hong Kong


    Kyeonggi Ilbo

    Cheon Gyeong Sam exported to Hong Kong as USD 9 million for 3 years


    Kyeonggi Ilbo

    Seized the world tastes – Enhancing the power of Ganghwa Ginseng


    The Aju Business

    First export shipment of Cheon Gyeong Sam by Gyeonggi Nonghyup


    The Kyeongin Ilbo

    Gyeonggi integrated ginseng brand, Cheon Gyeong Sam’s export celebration



    Now Cheon Gyeong Sam has prepared its second leap to be grown as the world-best brand beyond the world-best Gyeonggi Goryeo Ginseng and we have no doubt that it will be a wonderful boost to advertise the superiority and efficacy of Korean ginseng.


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